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Shotwell Candy Co.

Shotwell Caramels

Simple, delicious small batch caramels made in Memphis, Tennessee using real ingredients and timeless methods.

Like that perfect cup of coffee on a cold morning, these espresso caramels are something special.  Our small batch, hand-made caramel is infused with a shot of Volluto Nespresso, natural vanilla, and then finished with a sprinkling of heirloom Ethiopian coffee beans roasted in Memphis by Vice & Virtue Coffee.

Old Fashioned

Our play on the classic "Old Fashioned" cocktail.  Buttery soft caramel infused with aromatic bitters, barrel-aged bourbon, and orange extract.  The only thing missing is the coupe glass.

Resealable pouch with 10 individually wrapped pieces.
Net weight 2.5 oz.

  • $6.99