• 3 Pack Salt Collection
  • 3 Pack Salt Collection
  • 3 Pack Salt Collection

3 Pack Salt Collection

A collection of 3 salts - 

Sicilian Sea Salt: crunchy, moist, and briny. Natural and delightful, and hand-harvested in Sicily. A workhorse salt that is great on baked goods, pastas, rubs, and anything requiring salt.

Cyprus Flake Salt: delicate, crisp, and light. This is that insanely cool pyramid-shaped salt you've been hearing so much about. Try it as a finishing salt on salads, fruits, and pastries.

Himalayan Pink Salt: Minerally, balanced, salinity, and clean. If you haven't heard about the amazingness that is Himalayan pink salt yet, where have you been, under a (salt) rock? Try on steaks, roasted vegetables, and salads.