• Burnt Sugar Syrup

Burnt Sugar Syrup

A Bitter, Sweet and Aromatic Syrup of Kettle Cooked Sugar

Slowly kettle cook unrefined cane sugar, high in molasses content and full of flavor, until it is very dark and aromatic. Taking the sugar past its caramelization stage gives the syrup tart, bittersweet complexity with notes of sour cherry, caramel, brittle and toast.


13 fl oz / 384ml
Average Pour Size: 3/4 oz
Yields about 17 cocktails


Golden Cane Sugar, Water


Using Burnt Sugar is a great way to add depth and bittersweet complexity to your cocktails. We suggest using it when mixing with aged spirits, and it can also add an exciting foil to tropical or sour cocktails.

Other Tips & Tricks: Use in iced coffee, dripped over ice cream, or as a molasses substitution in recipes.