• Waxed Canvas Blanket
  • Waxed Canvas Blanket
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Waxed Canvas Blanket

The most durable blanket you'll ever buy. Covered on one side with a thick waxed canvas, this blanket is extremely waterproof, and will also provide a solid amount of softness and cushion when used as a camping pad, tent bottom, or picnic blanket. With a cozy soft top weave and durable stitching, its ready for your next adventure

  • 100% Cotton Blanket
  • Waxed Canvas backing, Water repellent
  • Approx. 68" x 48"
  • All natural construction - 100% cotton front, and 100% canvas backing, with all natural wax oil repellent worked into the canvas
  • Great for use as a camping blanket, cabin blanket, cowboy roll, beach blanket, picnic blanket, camping mat, outdoor blanket, bushcraft tarp, military blanket, festival blanket or concert blanket
  • $65.00