• Citrus Cocktail Kit
  • Citrus Cocktail Kit
Red Root & Co

Citrus Cocktail Kit

A perfect gift for a cocktail enthusiast—amateur or professional! 

Bright and lively, our Citrus Cocktail Kit includes 2oz bottle of Orange Marigold Shrub, 1oz Hops & Citrus Bitters, RR&Co Shot glass, and a Recipe Card.  

Orange Marigold Shrub is concentrated syrup infused with the finest botanicals. A lovely honey-sweetened drinking vinegar with the healthful benefits of Oranges and Marigolds. Enjoy mixed in still or sparkling water, create a delicious cocktail, or sip it straight. 

Our Hops & Citrus Bitters are an infusion of natural botanicals. Bright and tart, our Hops & Citrus Bitters are used in fine cocktails and craft beverages. With healthful benefits of hops, citrus, and spices, they also have a delicious place as digestifs.

  • $28.00