Morris Kitchen

Morris Kitchen Cocktail Mixer

Cocktail mixer handcrafted with all natural ingredients in Brooklyn, NY by Morris Kitchen. 

Each 16 oz bottle makes approximately 8 cocktails. 

Comes in 3 different varieties: Pineapple Lime, Citrus Agave, and Grapefruit Honey.

Pineapple Lime: Has tropical and tart flavors with hints of vanilla and toasted coconut. Pairs well with rum, tequila, vodka or seltzer.

Citrus Agave:  Tart lime balanced with organic agave nectar and a hint of orange. Pairs well with tequila, Mezcal, vodka, gin, or seltzer.

Grapefruit Honey: Bright, floral, and balanced with fresh citrus juice, organic honey, and tart hibiscus. Pairs well with tequila, Mezcal, gin, vodka, bourbon or seltzer

  • $13.50