• Picnic + Cutlery Insert Set
  • Picnic + Cutlery Insert Set
  • Picnic + Cutlery Insert Set

Picnic + Cutlery Insert Set

The Picnic+ cutlery inserts are smart and durable accessories for on the go meals and camp cooking. Part of our Nomad Cooking Collection, you can ditch the disposable cutlery and replace it with our Picnic+ set. Perfect for hiking, weekend picnics, or just everyday lunches, the Picnic+ set utilizes the Virobloc® safety ring on our No.08 folding knife to hold the fork and/or spoon insert in place.

This set does not include a handle. You will need an Opinel No. 8 folding knife (sold separately) in order to use the fork and spoon inserts.

Picnic+ Insert Set includes: fork insert, spoon insert, dual-use micro-fiber napkin that doubles as a carrying case.

  • $18.00