• Places You'll Go Enamel Mug
  • Places You'll Go Enamel Mug
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Places You'll Go Enamel Mug

A dependable companion for all the places you’ll go. Double-dipped enamel coated steel makes this mug an essential for dining in the wildest of wildernesses. 

- 3" W × 3" H 
- 12 oz. 
- Rim & handle are double dipped to withstand extra wear 
- Campfire and stovetop safe
- Made with hand-dipped enamel steel 
- Dishwasher safe 

Since the mugs are handmade, each piece varies slightly. Keep an eye out for quirks that make your mug truly yours — especially under the handle, where mugs are hung during the baking process 

Enamelware does tend to chip, but it will never break. Since the heavy-gauge steel beneath the outer porcelain layer naturally oxidizes, our enamel mugs are still safe to use after chipping. Plus, the chips add character 

  • $20.00