• Small Bottle Vase
  • Small Bottle Vase
  • Small Bottle Vase
Jars of Dust

Small Bottle Vase

A small, bottle-shaped ceramic vase for a little cluster of flowers, a toothbrush holder, or incense sticks. 

Height: 4.25in
Base Diameter: 3in

Available Colors:
Copper, Moss, Oak

About Jars of Dust:
All Jars of Dust pieces are handmade by the maker in their Virginia Beach studio from start to finish. Every item is hand thrown and turned on the potter's wheel, with hand dipped glaze application. The nature of our goods allows for slight variances among sets being sold, glaze colors, shapes, and sizes. Not one piece is exactly like the next. This characteristic is looked upon with delight from the artist, being able to give each customer a very special creation just for them.

  • $32.00