J.T. Copper


Amber Caramel 

Buttery, mellow and made with real caramelized sugar. A silky syrup made from only four ingredients, including caramelized organic sugar. Rich in buttery flavor and with a hint of vanilla and sea salt, this caramel works well in all applications. Unlike many caramel sauces made with milk, this product is deliciously dairy-free.  16 oz bottle Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, filtered water, organic vanilla extract, sea salt. VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE

Vanilla Bean

True vanilla flavor should be rich and complex, not just sweet. With flecks of real vanilla bean, this syrup will deliver robust and creamy flavor. Delicious in coffee, cocktails, soda, desserts or drizzled over oatmeal. 16oz bottle Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, filtered water, vanilla bean seeds, organic vanilla extract, sea salt. VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE

Golden Turmeric

A 2020 Good Food Awards Winner! This syrup was developed to simplify the process of making Golden Milk (aka Turmeric milk), a popular beverage known for its health benefits. Made with simple ingredients like organic turmeric and ginger juice, our syrup blends perfectly in both hot and cold beverages with no gritty sediment. Also try it in smoothies, marinades and cocktails! Ingredients: Organic wildflower honey, organic coconut palm sugar, organic ginger juice, water, organic turmeric, organic spices. GLUTEN-FREE

Sweet Mint 

Not just minty, but mellowed with a touch of rich vanilla, this syrup is perfect in hot chocolate and coffee. Always a winter favorite, but not limited to one season, you’ll find many reasons to keep this bottle around. Add to sparkling water for a refreshing Italian soda, try it in a mojito or combine with ice and fresh lemon juice for a minty lemonade! Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, filtered water, organic peppermint extract, organic vanilla extract, sea salt. VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE 8oz bottle

Bee's Knees

A delightful blend of lavender, thyme and wildflower honey. Our Bee’s Knees syrup perfectly captures the essence of spring. Combining the warm sweetness of honey with the fragrant duo of lavender and thyme, this syrup blends beautifully in lemonade, tea, seltzer, lattes and in botanical cocktails. 8 oz glass bottle. Ingredients: Wildflower honey, water, organic cane sugar, organic lavender flowers, organic thyme, salt. GLUTEN-FREE

 All syrups are made in the USA

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