• Upstate Stock - Olive Melange Full Finger Gloves
  • Upstate Stock - Olive Melange Full Finger Gloves
Upstate Stock

Upstate Stock - Olive Melange Full Finger Gloves

Keep your hands warm and dry with these classic looking ragg wool full finger gloves from Upstate Stock. The 100% U.S.A. Made from American Ragg Wool full gloves from Upstate Stock available with and without Deerskin lightweight 2.5 ounce Deerskin palms. 

The Deerskin is ethically culled (hunting and state sanctioned culling) and tanned here in NY State by 100 year old tannery. All labels are lightly tacked on and can be removed easily - don't worry, we won't be offended if you take them off.

Made with 85% USA Wool, 15% USA Nylon. The nylon in this traditional workwear/gardening wool blend allows for shape retention and durability. The high quality wool will wick away moisture to keep hands warm and dry.

Upstate Stock gloves are knit in Upstate, NY and finished in Brooklyn, NY.

Size Info: Each glove comes in 3 sizes. Unlike the fingerless, the full gloves are very size specific. Please review finger measurements to see if what size will fit you. The smalls are very narrow and short fingered, so most Men would be a medium or large.

S 6.5"
M 7.0"
L 7.5"

Washing Instructions: Hand wash with a soft detergent such as Woolite. Deerskin can be treated with a leather cream or oil to re-hydrate.

  • $29.00
  • $29.00