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Cocktail Mixer

All natural cocktail mixer made with fruits, herbs, botanicals, and spices. No corn syrup, no preservatives. Each 16 oz bottle makes 10-16 cocktails. 

Blood Orange & Chili Pepper
Your new favorite spicy margarita.
  It’s the perfect pal for lounging around the pool on a blazing hot summer day.  It’s that divine refreshment that only a ‘palette’ can provide: sweet fruit and pepper heat chilled to perfection. Cheers, amigos. 

Lavender & Honey
This Lavender honey mixer is divine in a G + T, splashed in champagne for the ultimate mimosa, or even added to sparkling water, lemonade, or tea for an effortless mocktail.  It’s as high society as tea time with the Queen Mother. Every sip brings you a bit closer to royalty. One lump or two? Pinkies up! 

Ginger Citrus

This Ginger Citrus mixer makes the perfect mule with your favorite spirit and a splash of carbonated water.  Use it to add a zesty ginger kick to any of your favorite drinks or recipes.  It’s a healthy does of nostalgia; like reconnecting with a dear friend at your old stomping grounds. It’s as reliable as your denim jacket & as trusty as your favorite copper mug. 

  • $16.00