• Gingerbread Syrup
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Gingerbread Syrup

Holiday Spice - Molasses - Ginger Ideal for a holiday themed old fashioned or substitution for simple syrup in any cocktail! The perfect pairing for holiday cookie making, neighborhood caroling and fireside gatherings. We highly recommend garnishing your cocktail as you would your gingerbread house- covered in candy. Ingredients: pure filtered water, cane sugar, ginger,molasses and spices Size: 8 oz bottle // Yield: 10-16 cocktails // Shelf life: 2 years


  • Made in: United States

  • Alcohol by volume: 0%

  • Shelf life: 24–36 months

  • Storage: Shelf-stable

  • Weight: 1 lb


pure filtered water, cane sugar, ginger, molasses and spices