Bumbleberry Farms

Kitchen Towel

These extra-large flour sack towels measure a grand 27" x 27" and were designed exclusively for us by the artist who created all of our lovely honey goods labels. When displayed with our honey goods the Bumbleberry collection inspires gift-giving! Customers can use our towels - gifts in and of themselves - to wrap our honeys, spreads, and drops for the perfect present.

The towels can be used to dry dishes, cover rising bread dough, serve as generous picnic napkins, and to wipe up spills. Made of 100% cotton that's woven on the diagonal to ensure a strong, durable towel that's made to last and maintain maximum absorbency. These Bumbleberry Farms flour sack towels can last for years before needing replacement and can soak up messes as easily as paper towels.
Machine washable; made to reduce shrinking Each towel, made in India, is silk-screened especially for us by a small printing company in the United States.

  • $18.00