Q's Nuts

Q's Nuts

Q’s Nuts is a small family-owned & operated artisan nut company started by husband and wife team, Beth and Brian “Q” Quinn. Their products are only made in small batches with the finest ingredients, always assuring a fresh quality product. Available in 5 oz. bags (unless stated otherwise).

Maple Bourbon Pecans (4 oz. bag)
A combination of pure, sweet maple syrup and rich bourbon that brings your taste buds joy.

Chocolate Coconut Almonds
One of Q's best sellers, made with 80% organic dark chocolate, raw cane sugar, and natural sweet coconut.

Chocolate Orange Cardamom Almonds
Almonds made with 80% organic dark chocolate, raw can sugar, fresh orange peel and cardamom.

Sea Salt Rosemary Cashews
Cashews infused with fresh rosemary, 100% virgin olive oil, and natural sea salt, slow roasted to a crispy crunchy snack.

Garlic Basil Sage Cashews
A nice, savory combination of virgin olive oil, sea salt, garlic, basil, and sage.

  • $8.99