Old Whaling Company

Travel Size Body Butter

Old Whaling Company's Body Butter is a perfect moisturizer for after shower, shaving, sun, or as needed! It is lightweight and soaks in quickly. A little goes a long way and will leave you soft and smooth. Their star ingredients of shea butter, organic sunflower oil and organic aloe vera is nourishing and great for all types of skin.

Net weight: 2 oz

Oceanswept is a fragrance with a bit of musk. Hints of lemon contrast nicely with the deeper, woody scents.

Coconut Milk features the warm, tropical aroma of coconut milk paired with splashes of tropical fruit and inviting florals. 

Bergamot + Grapefruit has a bright, crisp, citrus blend of Italian bergamot and white grapefruit, a popular choice for fans of fruity or citrus scents. Made with an essential oil and fragrance oil blend.

Coastal Calm is one of our most popular fragrances, perfect for those seeking a tranquil or clean, linen scent. A gentle ocean breeze sweeping through wild coastal grass. Fresh, ocean air is blended with the softness of sandalwood and driftwood to create one of our most serene scents. 

French Lavender is a tranquil blend with notes of mountain heather and wild rose. Our favorite fragrance for inspiring sleep and serenity, this soothing scent is reminiscent of a gentle breeze rolling through a peaceful meadow of wild lavender

Sea La Vie features sweet floral and citrus notes carried on a gentle, coastal breeze. This scent is made with a refreshing blend of clean fresh florals, apple, sandalwood and white musk.

Oatmeal Milk + Honey is a comforting and nostalgic blend, this scent combines the scents of warm oatmeal lightly sweetened with Manuka honey with splashes of almond milk and a dash of spicy clove and vanilla. A soothing and slightly sweet scent with hints of spice.

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